Adesso Optics is an optical frames and lens distributor.  They are not an optical lab, but a reseller or drop shipper of optical lenses. They first introduced Fresh lenses after disappointment with the quality of anti-reflection processes available in Canada.  After many years of developing relationships with optical lens manufacturers they are now able to market IOT lenses directly to eye care professionals.

Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) from Spain is the backbone of the digital lens revolution.  They are the world’s most popular Lens Design Supplier.  They do not sell lenses or blanks.  Their lens designs are marketed under various names by various well established and known lens companies as well as their own name.


In this first release Adesso Optics is concentrating on introducing Basic and Alpha lenses.  Basic lenses are non-compensated, simple, efficient designs and very competitively priced.  Alpha lenses, with Digital-Ray Path digital surfacing fully optimize free form lenses.  This technology eliminates oblique aberration from lateral gaze direction by patterning the back edge of the lens to focus on the fovea from every direction. For a single vision user this provides clarity from centre to edge, for a progressive wearer this technology increases the field of view and provides immediate accommodation with the elimination of “swim and sway”.


Camber technology with a unique front surface with a variable base curve is available on request.


All compensated lenses can be customized with specialized measurements of verts distance, pantoscopic angle, wrap and individualized decentration.  Extreme prescriptions and frames require these measurements.  For most orders, the manufacturing algorithms are more than adequate.  The decision to charge extra fees for those measurements is a marketing choice, not an optical decision.